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Horse Shoe Nails
Horse Shoe Nails Making Machinery
Barbed Wire Making Machine
Automatic Bolt Making Machine
Power Presses
Wire Straightening and Cutting Machine
U-Nail Making Machine
Annealing Machine
Automatic Nut Cutting Machine
Wire Pointing Machine
Wire Drawing/Coiling Machine
Wood Screw Making Machinery
Shoetack Making Machinery
Umbrella Head Nails Making Machine
Paper Pin & Gem Clip Making Machinery
Annealing Machine
  • It gives 40 rounds per minute to the drum (Container) and one H.P motor is required
  • Furnace requires 18 Kgs of hard coke to last 4 Hrs easily
  • 20Kgs to 40 Kgs. of  Shoetacks are properly annealed after an interval of every 10 minutes.
  • Color according to the standard of choice
  • Most economical for small scale industries.