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Bumra latest model of Shoe Tack machine 2003 is one of the best of its kind ever manufactured in Union of India. The speed of the machine is 600 tacks per minute and it has the production capacity of 80-60 KGs of ShoeTacks of 3/4" and 1/2" respectively in 8 hours. It can produce the tacks from 3/8" to 1" in size. The wire used for its manufacturing is HB of MS 15 to 16 S.W.G. which is easily available in the market. The machine is fabricated from the best material i.e. Iron Casting having more than 20% steel, Carbon Steel, High Speed Steel, Gun Metal and Ball Bearings of the highest quality.

  • Proved the best workable machine ever manufactured in India.
  • It is simply designed and  free from mechanism complications. An unskilled worker with a few instructions can well handle the machine .
  • It is smooth in working, cause no sort of trouble in replacing tools.
  • Every machine is supplied with motor attachment but without electric motors
TYPE SPEED/MIN Thickness of wire Gauge Length in Inches Power Required
BIC 2 600 15.16 3/8" to 1" 3 H.P 1440 RPM