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Wire Nail Making Machine
A gripping device pulls the wire from the coil through a 5 roller straightening apparatus and pushes it forward so that just the right amount of wire lies beyond the anvil for the head to be formed.
The clamping jaws now close and hold the wire tightly while the hammer forges the nail head. The jaws open again and the wire, with the ready-formed head, is fed forward as for the length of nail desired.
The jaws now close again and two opposing cutters cut off the nail and, at the same time, form the shaped point.
The ejector now throws the wire into the delivery chute, the hammer forms a new head and the process of nail producing continues automatically thus producing quality nails.
BICWP No. Length of Blank Wire Size S.W.G. Production P.M. Motor H.P. & R.P.M.
1 1/4"-1-1.1/4"
(6mm - 31mm)
16-20 550-600 1.5X1440
2 1/2"-1-1.1/2"
(12mm - 337mm)
14-16 500-550 1.5X1440
3 1/2"-2"
(12mm - 50mm)
12-16 450-500 2X1440
4 3/4"-3"
(19mm - 75mm)
9-14 400-450 3X1440
5 1"-4"
(25mm - 100mm)
8-12 300-400 5X1440
6 2"-5"
(50mm - 125mm)
6-10 300-400 5X1440
7 2"-6"
(50mm - 150mm)
6-10 200-250 7.5X960
8 3"-8"
(75mm - 200mm)
4-8 175-200 10X960

Design, Output, Dimensions and weight subject to modification


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